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Older Adults Gain Confidence and Overcome Many Realities of Ageism with Personal Transformations Through Facial Plastic Surgery

Local patients reveal real-life struggles and share the positive outcomes of personal transformations through cosmetic procedures

Tampa, FL (April 20, 2011)– Many experts consider ageism to be one of the most pervasive prejudices in human society today. The International Longevity Center, USA, says that while ageism is often less acknowledged than racism or sexism, it can result in a wide variety of mistreatment ranging from stereotypic and degrading media images to physical and financial abuse to unequal treatment in the workforce. With an average patient range in their 50’s to 80’s, Tampa’s Dr. Richard Castellano, of Image Lift®, treats men and women who often admit to suffering from ageism. He says they often seek his expertise to appear more youthful and gain the respect, they say, they desperately lack in society. Chaz Martino

“We live in an aesthetic world where beauty and youth hold an immense sense of power and weight and our clients know this,” notes Dr. Castellano, “as they admit experiencing the harsh realities of ageism in their own lives every single day. From being physically judged, skipped over in opportunities or treated differently based solely on their appearances,” he recalls, “our older patients often admit to feeling threatened by the younger, fresher and more tech-savvy generations and they know that looking and even dressing younger will almost certainly give them a leg up in the world, personally and professionally. Image Lift® facelifts have allowed patients to regain power in their lives by looking younger, fresher and healthier by helping to restore inner peace and self-esteem.”

With over 72 million baby boomers in the United States, according to the Population Reference Bureau, it may not come as a surprise that facial plastic surgeons continue to see increasing numbers of men and women for facial enhancements, facelifts, eyelifts and lots and lots of fillers, including Dr. Castellano’s Image Lift® practice. “Older adults are living longer and, undoubtedly, holding themselves to a higher physical standard. Our practice has absolutely seen increases in patient load and in spending over the past year. This generation is doing whatever it takes to compete in life.”

Real-life Ageism Struggles and Positive Outcomes
As the sole caregiver of her ill husband for twelve years, 79 year-old Maralee Baker admits she spent those years “not wearing make up, gaining quite a bit of weight and just not taking care of myself. After my husband died in 2008, I began to show myself care for the first time in all those years. In fact, I studied and earned three professional licenses, colored my hair, became more physically active and even had a male friend show some interest in me! I thought ‘wow! I’m not invisible anymore.’” But because Maralee recalled looked older, she says people spoke to her differently. “People often raised their voices as if I couldn’t hear them and even treated me as if I were disabled or slow, just because I looked older!” She booked an Image Lift® facelift to revive an important sense of self-confidence, which has since positively impacted every aspect of her life. “The results from my procedure were far beyond my expectations,” Maralee notes. “Although I was excited about the procedure beforehand, nothing could have prepared me for the incredible boost in confidence it has given me. I feel like a new person – a happier, healthier version of myself. I have all the confidence I need to talk to anyone or do anything. Today, I’m even back in the dating scene and happy to say dating younger men too!”

Other clients have even reported experiencing career advancements following their facelift procedures.

Getting a facelift was something I decided was critical for me, both personally and professionally,” recalls professional musician Chaz Martino. Before developing a second career in entertainment, Chaz spent over twenty years as a dangerously obese and often depressed full-time caregiver of his sick mother. During that time, he remembers feeling “completely invisible to the world. Not only was I hundreds of pounds overweight, I was also aging. I felt I was less and less viable in the world and I realized I had a finite number of years left if I wanted to be an entertainer.

I pursued a weight loss surgery and over seven years later lost over two hundred pounds. Inside I felt 35, but I looked much older.

I’m a man in my late 50’s with lots of energy and a financial need to work. But because I wasn’t 25 or even 45, it had become extremely difficult to compete with younger people for jobs. In many respects, I had come close to giving up. I really needed to work, but was taking each lost opportunity harder than the last. I knew I had to do something, so I quickly decided to get a facelift. Best decision I’ve ever made. It gave me the self-confidence and motivation to fight for my career, literally reigniting my professional passion. That newfound confidence and personal strength must have shown through because I did land a job-managing younger folks!”

Image Lift® and Dr. Castellano have helped thousands of older Americans gain a new lease on life. The Image Lift Experience™ was created specifically for those seeking a younger looking appearance without the hassle, risk, and cost associated with a more traditional surgical facelift. “Our goal in developing the Image Lift Experience™ was to provide a procedure that would allow our clients to look and feel younger and healthier while still looking completely natural,” says Dr. Castellano. “We want our patients to be a more confident, enhanced version of themselves.” As a result, the Image Lift Experience™ has become one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the country, attracting patients from across the United States and abroad to receive the often life-changing treatment.

With millions of active adults living longer, healthier lives and so many realizing all of the positive potential facial cosmetic procedures can bring to them personally, Dr. Castellano believes his patients will continue to gain renewed senses of confidence needed to fight stigmas long associated with aging.

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About Image Lift® and Dr. Richard Castellano:
The Image Lift Experience™ is the creation of Richard Castellano, MD, a double-board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology in Head and Neck Surgery. Based in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Castellano has performed over 2,500 facelifts, mini-lifts and eyelifts making him one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the United States today. Through the Image Lift® technique, Dr. Castellano has developed a specialized approach that allows each patient to undergo their own individual personal transformation, while maintaining their natural appearance and looking more youthful. He is well known for delivering world-class care to his patients and he utilizes his extensive experience in office-based facial plastic surgery to ensure the very best outcomes. For more information, visit or call (877) 346-2435.