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New Beginnings

Hi! I’m Dr. Rich Castellano, CEO and founding double board certified plastic surgeon at ImageLift and I’m really excited that you’ve already made the toughest decision for looking and feeling your best: starting the research process. Now that you have begun, we can make this easy for you because we will hold your hand and guide you from start to finish.

I promise you that after watching this video series and reading the first chapter of our eBook you will feel more comfortable about your options than ever before. In fact, you’ll find you have more options to choose from with Image Lift because faces are our specialty!

After treating thousands of patients for many years, we’ve made the process as simple and easy as possible – we always go at your speed, and we can make anyone feel comfortable. We have a range of treatments to choose from that are no down-time, and require no stitches or scalpels. And, our expert team can put together a variety of financing or payment plans that work around your budget. We never let finances stand in the way of your dreams!

Now, I am often am asked in a consultation what treatments I would recommend if they were my mother or family member. I tell them this is what I did for my Aunt Shirley’s story. Aunt Shirley worked on a farm and suffered from skin damage, but she was very proud of her hard work ethic and achievements. Well, even at age 76 I was able to help her with a Laser Image Lift. My cousin Joe talks about how she walks proudly into the room, with her shoulders back. – she’s even been on TV to share her story!

You will see that many of our before and after pictures have comparison photos from 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Now is a great time for you to find some pictures of when you were 10, 20, or even 30 years younger, as this is very helpful to guide the process of looking and feeling your best.

We have a lot of helpful information on our site and in our upcoming videos – all the answers to your most pressing questions. So sit back, relax, and enjoy, and I’ll see you next time!