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Putting Pain into Perspective

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A common question we get from patients – Is this going to hurt? Depending on the treatment you choose, we strive for little or no discomfort, and if you do have discomfort, we have medication available to help you feel comfortable. Fillers and injections often require no additional pain medicine, and we call this our version of a “therapeutic acupuncture.”

I tell the story of my niece who was 3 years old when I got the call that she hit her forehead and needed a few stitches. When I had to give her an injection, I told her, “If you need a break, you just tell me to stop and you are in control, OK” and she says “OK.”

So I put some ice on her forehead, and then I start numbing, and she says she feels a little pinch, and then she says, “STOP!” and I say “OK” and we wait a few seconds, then I numb a bit more, and in a few seconds I numb again, and she can’t feel it, and then she says “STOP!” and I tell her “OK” and we wait a bit more, and I finish numbing her up, and did all of her stitches, and she didn’t even shed 1 tear. So, I promise you, if we can make my 3 year old niece feel comfortable, we can make you feel comfortable.

When we do lifting or tightening procedures, we do make additional pain medication available. Some patients only take Tylenol afterward, and some take all of their pain medicine. It is uncommon that I have to call in additional medication, though we do make our cell phone numbers available to all of our patients if they have questions or concerns at any time.

That is why the one-on-one consultation is so important, so we can customize a treatment plan for you and tell you what to expect based on what you have chosen.

So, making people feel comfortable is what we do best, and is one of the reasons we get so many referrals. Thank you for watching, and look out for our next video coming out soon!