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Restore Volume

Cosmetic Treatment Plans for Volume Replacement:

cosmetic treatment plans for volume replacement
Results are typical and do vary.

Do you need facial volume? Simply look at your pictures from 10, 20, or 30 years ago for the answer. We are happy to review these aging changes with you to give you an expert opinion.

  • Easy to start, no downtime (mild, or no bruising!)
  • Safety cannulas improve safety and reduce bruising.

Remember, many know how to perform injections and facial fillers. That does not mean that they are expert injectors with the most experience. Learn more about what makes ImageLift different from the rest for natural and artistic results. You will love that no one will know what you have done, unless you tell them!

Temporary Fillers

Perfect for short-term immediate results! There is a reason that ImageLift is one of the busiest injectors in the Tampa Bay Area the results speak for themselves! See the difference when your treatments are performed by a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. Accept no substitutes. Click to learn about Radiesse®, Juvederm®, Juvederm Ultra Plus®, Perlane®, Restylane®.

Fat Grafting

This traditional method of volume replacement can provide long term results, though experience will tell you that the majority of fat transferred is not permanent. Recycle the fat from somewhere you don’t want it! Click to learn about Fat Grafting.

Collagen Building Fillers

Results can last 2 to 4 years, and is perfect to build your body’s own collagen. Lasting results that look natural, you will find volumizing options at ImageLift that you won’t find anywhere else. Perfect for those wanting no downtime with little or no bruising or swelling. Click to learn about Sculptra®.

Permanent Fillers

Research at 5 years shows that this filler is not absorbed by the body. Overall, your best value is with the longest lasting fillers. Let ImageLift guide you on volume correction that DOES NOT OVERFILL. Simple, no downtime treatments that leave little or no bruising or swelling. Click to learn about Bellafill®.

Botulinum Toxins

ImageLift has many choices to choose from. Find out how our package pricing allows you the most competitive price with a double board certified physician injector. Don’t jump from place to place for the latest special. Get the best deals and expert results at ImageLift! Click to learn about Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®.

Treatment Plans for Eyelids

Trim Extra Upper Eyelid Skin

Quick and easy, with little to no downtime. Opens and brightens the eyes, and makes it easier to put eye shadow on without excess folds of skin. Check out the treatments picture album.

before and after photo of eyelid trim
Results are typical and do vary.

Treat Eyelid Fat Pockets

Often, expert placement of temporary or permanent fillers can avoid the need for surgery. And if you want to have a fat pocket or excess eyelid skin removed, this is a common procedure performed at ImageLift without the need for general anesthesia or IV sedation. Check out the treatments picture album.

before and after eyelid fat pockets treatment
Results are typical and do vary.

Laser Resurfacing of Skin

Many times a laser treatment under the eyes is the right answer to improve your appearance. ImageLift has the latest technology for light or deep laser treatments, and the results speak for themselves! Only a consultation will tell you which treatment is right for you. And remember, the most important decision isn’t the laser, the technology, or the treatment. The most important decision is the ARTIST that will be treating you! Check out the treatments picture album or click here to learn more.

Results are typical and do vary.
Results are typical and do vary.

Combination Treatments

There is no “One size fits all” answer if you want the best results. Find out how to customize your dreams and desires. Because we age in three different ways (sagging, volume loss, and skin damage), different strategies may be used to optimize your outcome. Check out the treatments picture album.

Results are typical and do vary.
Results are typical and do vary.