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Sculptra® Aesthetic


We deal with the symptoms of aging every day. Wrinkling, sagging, and definition loss of facial skin highlights the aging process, allowing us to look older than we actually feel. For many years, this was just one of life’s many obstacles. Today, modern cosmetic technology allows us to challenge the physical aging process with less invasive procedures than ever before.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is one of these tools, utilized by cosmetic surgeons today to restore your youth with minimal down time. It’s not an instant “quick fix”, but when administered properly, the results are long-term.  Sculptra® Aesthetic gradually replaces collagen in your face, which is inevitably lost as you age. The primary ingredient of this filler, called poly-L-lactic acid, is a biodegradable substance that turns into lactic acid, which is found in all of our bodies.

Is Sculptra® Aesthetic Right for You?

At ImageLift, we understand that every patient is unique and as such, we will recommend different cosmetic procedures and filler options based on your unique needs. The ideal candidates for Sculptra® Aesthetic are adults with healthy immune systems who have begun to experience a symptom of aging known as facial fat loss.

Fat loss in the face is common among aging adults who exercise regularly to maintain a slim physical figure, and in doing so, cannot maintain the fullness of their faces. In replacing lost collagen, Sculptra® Aesthetic presents a solution that is long-lasting and subtle.

What Should You Expect With Sculptra® Aesthetic?

If you’re considering receiving a series of Sculptra® Aesthetic injections, it is important that you have the proper expectations prior to treatment. Some of the most important things to keep in mind are:

  1. Sculptra® Aesthetic is administered over the course of multiple treatments, often separated by months. The results are not dramatic as with some other procedures and maintain the natural structure of your face. It is ideal for patients who want to gradually increase the fullness of their face but don’t want it to be so apparent that cosmetic work has been performed.
  2. For success to be achieved with Sculptra® Aesthetic, it you must wait 2 to 6 months to see the final result.  Some patients are happy after one session, some may choose to do a second session, and in some cases a third session is chosen, depending on the result desired. Patience is key when receiving Sculptra® Aesthetic.
  3. As with any injectable filler, Sculptra® Aesthetic is not without the risk of side effects, which may include: swelling, redness, tenderness, discomfort, bruising, itching or bumps under the skin.  Bumps or nodules are more common with large volume injections.  This is uncommon overall, and if it happens, it may be a bump or nodule that you may feel and not necessarily see.  Nodules are treatable, and highly technique dependent, which is why you should make sure your provider is an expert with Sculptra®. If you follow the aftercare instructions that will be provided to you by the physicians at ImageLift, the likelihood and severity of these side effects will most likely be reduced.

How Are the Results With Sculptra® Aesthetic?

The results associated with Sculptra® Aesthetic are typically more subtle than with less conservative treatment approaches. You should notice your face appearing fuller and more youthful, with less visible lines around your mouth (marionette lines), less distinguished folds between your nose and mouth, and fewer wrinkles on your chin. In addition, you may notice fuller looking cheeks. Our patients have claimed to see results from their Sculptra® Aesthetic in the range of 2 and 4 years, at which time follow-up treatment may be needed.

Remember, many providers offer Sculptra®, and few are EXPERT at achieving artistic results.  Don’t settle for less when it comes to your face.  Our injectors are double board certified facial plastic surgeons.

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