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Combination ImageLift™ Facelift

Combination ImageLift™ Facelift with Laser Lyte Tightening


Are you ready for the latest technology? At ImageLift™, we are always looking to provide our patients with the best. Because of this, we have combined two of our most popular, proven treatments to help restore the youthful appearance you have been searching for. The ImageLift™ facelift can be performed in three different degrees: mini, mid, or full, depending on your physicality and needs. The ImageLift facelift was expertly crafted by ImageLift physicians that have treated thousands of satisfied patients. The goal of the ImageLift is to tighten the muscles in the face and removes excess skin, without resorting to a traditional facelift.

For the best results, our double-board certified facial plastic surgeons at ImageLift use the ImageLift facelift in combination with laser lyte treatment of the face and neck. In this instance, your ImageLift physician will either perform a mid lift or full lift and the laser light tightening treatment at the same time. Laser lipolysis, also referred to as laser lyte tightening, helps to improve the loss of elasticity in the neck and jowl skin area. At ImageLift, we are proud to offer technology you will not find with most other facial plastic surgeons.

Is the Combination ImageLift™ Facelift with Laser Lyte Tightening Right for You?

At ImageLift, we know that every individual’s needs are different. Patients tend to choose the ImageLift in conjunction with laser lyte treatment when looking for the best results. The Imagelift is performed to tighten the muscle layer in the neck and jowl area, as well as soften the smile lines. The laser lipolysis treatment will also help tighten the neck and jawline, providing a “shrink wrap” effect to the overlying skin.

What Should You Expect with the Combination ImageLift™ Facelift with Laser Lyte Tightening?

During your initial consultation, your ImageLift physician will help you determine which lift is right for you and whether or not the combination treatment is the best choice. Once this has been determined, your physician can perform the ImageLift and laser lyte treatment at the same time or separately. General anesthesia is not necessary for any of our treatments. Recovery is less than traditional face-lifting procedures, and varies depending on treatments chosen.

How Are the Results With the Combination ImageLift™ Facelift with Laser Lyte Tightening?

This combination procedure has well-documented consistent positive results. Results vary for each patient, and are typical. After you receive your treatment, you will see results for years to come. To view before and after shots of some of our patients visit the testimonials page by clicking here.

Remember, we are your EXPERTS at achieving artistic results with the ImageLift and Laser Lyte treatments. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your face.

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