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Vacation and A Fresh Look

Summer vacations mean various destinations to different kinds of travelers, whether you’re looking to stick an umbrella in the sand, sip drinks by the pool, or hike some hills. Vacations are a great time to meet up with family and friends and for escaping our daily routines.  One thing we often leave behind when we are traveling is actually the…

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Are You Treated Differently?

People treat us differently based on how young or old they think we are. We don’t make the rules up, that is simply how our world works. As facial plastic surgeons, our job is to help people understand the latest technologies and the least invasive techniques, to look and feel their best, and to regain or maintain their confidence and…

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A Special Thank You!

We received a special thank you and testimonial from one of our patients, Mary. At ImageLift, we value these stories and are so happy to help our patients! Dear Dr. Castellano, As Administrator of an in-home care business in The Villages, I work with numerous clients suffering from depression. Sharing your wonderful book full of pictures and stories, along with…

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Blossom This Spring with the ImageLift Facelift

The Polar Vortex has caused one of the coldest winters on record this season and we feel very fortunate to enjoy our “Florida Winters.” But spring is almost here! For many, wintertime is a trade-off that’s been happening for years: as soon as the cold weather hits, snowbirds from the north travel down south to enjoy the warmth and comforts…

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Don’t Be Scared by Facial Plastic Surgery!

When it comes to facial plastic surgery, there are many factors that can make a person uncertain of which road to take. Where can I find help? Which office has the best service? Do I need to have surgery? All of these questions and more can affect the decision process. At ImageLift, we know the importance of looking for a…

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What’s My Skin Type?

Everyone is different and possesses defining characteristics that make us unique to one another. The pigment of our skin is just one of these differentiating factors. But did you know that skin care specialists categorize skin’s pigment by its susceptibility to sun damage? This measurement is called the Fitzpatrick scale, and it is helpful for you to protect yourself from…

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