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Voice of the People

Over the past few videos I’ve told you a lot about what Image Lift can do for you, but this time I’d like to step back and allow our patients to have a word. So don’t just take my word for it; read through some patient testimonials and hear it from the patients themselves!

Eyelid Surgery

After only a month I am very happy with my results. I had upper/lower eyelids done with tendon tightening and a mini lift. Dr. Castellano is a real artist! He is very caring, even calls the evening after your procedure to check up on you as well as providing a cell phone number so that he can be reached at any time.

Happy – Tampa, FL

I was tired of deleting pictures because I could not stand to look at my droopy eyelids and double chin…for the past 8 years this has really affected my self-confidence. Decided it was time to do something about it.

“Not One Complaint. Very Satisfied – Tampa, FL”

As an African American female, I had serious reservations about the outcome of this kind of surgery. I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. C.

Very Happy with my Image Lift! Great Dr. and staff

Myself, family and friends are all very happy with my results and my experience from beginning to end! I would refer anyone I knew with great confidence to this team! Go in for a consultation and find out for yourself!

All the Way from Hawaii

I traveled all the way from Hawaii to have this procedure and I am very pleased with the results of my medium image lift, eyelid surgery, and fractional laser resurfacing, I love my new neck and wish I had done this years ago. The recovery from the image lift was minimal. The recovery from the laser treatment was hard but the results are amazing!! Dr. Castellano did a great job and it all looks very natural!! His staff is wonderful as well!

Here’s the bottom line: if a patient isn’t happy, we ask them to come back so we can help. We have some great testimonials out there and we get a lot of referrals. I’ve got some wild stories about all the times I run into my patients. For example, I was talking with a woman in a convenience store who was recommending Image Lift to me! Another time I was in a restaurant and a patient put her hands on her face and waved at me. It’s a little strange at first, but I genuinely love connecting with patients on a personal level.

Deep down, we’re basically the Disney World of facial plastic surgery: we’re here to make your dreams come true!