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What Makes Image Lift Different

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At ImageLift, we strive to set ourselves apart. We Guarantee that you will have access to the latest technology, that your doctor is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, and that we have a proven track record for natural results.

Even if a surgeon is very skilled, if they focus in many different areas, it is very difficult to get the same results as a surgeon that does 10 times as many facial procedures.

Today, we have doctors for each specialty, heart, lungs, brain, GI, etc. The same holds true for the face as well. And many doctors know how to do face treatments, but that does not mean they are an expert at doing so. We all know that you don’t want a very skilled heart doctor performing brain surgery, so why trust anyone else with your most important asset, your face?

Also consider that many different types of doctors refer to themselves as plastic surgeons with very different levels of training. Bottom line, you want to inquire as to the type of training your doctor has, and more specifically, find out how many treatments have they performed in the area of your interest. Ask how many of the procedures and treatments your doctor has performed, and always ask for before and after pictures to see the results for yourself.

As you can see, we’re definitely expert specialists – many doctors know how to do these treatments, but they are definitely not experts at delivery the best results. Many clinics will also use a nurse or ancillary staff to inject fillers. At ImageLift, we have double board certified facial plastic surgeons perform all fillers and injections. No one will ever have the same perspective as what a surgeon will when offering filler treatments, so don’t settle for less. The Art of Looking Younger is really a three-dimensional art form, and very few have the proper perspective to master the process.